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Your project is finished! You had an initial issue, your chose ONE psychological practice to try, you gathered materials, and organized your life for a good beginning. You practiced your technique for 14 days (not counting missed days), and you flew — or not. What will be different or the same about your life now that you have completed your ‘Get cape. Wear cape. Fly.’ research project? Where will you “fly” next?

A person sitting on the ground feeling relaxed at 10:00 am with a text bubble that says,"Now I can relax!"

Step #8- Where will I fly next?

I am so sad that I didn’t start this psychological practice earlier because all this time, the answer to dealing with my anxiety was starting my day early…

A book shelf full of books the a figure is looking at.


Overall, I saw progress in my calmness and found that it was also a way to unplug off my phone for a bit. I hope to continue this…

Bottle of Melatonin

STEP #8 – Next

I want to continue my routine of sleep meditation as well as going to bed at 9:00 p.m. however I want to try eating a Melatonin pill 15…

a calendar for April 2022, with gold stars on some of the days

step 8

I do believe that even though it was rough I do believe that the wellness practice helped me mentally and physically. I plan to continue every other day.

A stick figure is shown meditating cross legged with headphones on. A thought bubble shows straight lines as opposed to messy symbols.

Step #8 Where to fly next?

I’m meditating in the future, but my thoughts are now organized and on my terms!

The stick figure is meditating and clear of any thoughts

Step #8 – Fly. Next

The stick figure, me, is going to continue to meditate as it helped me decrease my anxiety and will try to meditate for even longer periods of time.

Here is a calendar of April that shows alternating dates where i have scheduled myself to meditate. The meditation dates are labeled in bright purple righting so it can’t be missed!

Step #8 – Next Caper

My study went to well for me that I’ve decided to incorporate it into my everyday life, with a few alterations, instead of ever day will meditate on…

Stick figure going on walks in the park in a happy mood while waving to another stick figure.


Now that it’s the end of the get cape project and I have completed the project I still go on daily walks just without the sprinting aspect of…

A figure wearing a "cape of calm" reflects on their success and wonders where to go next.


After completing my experiment, I concluded that turning my phone off did indeed decrease my anxiety levels. It also made me realize just how much I rely on…

I’m starting to go to sleep early and over all feeling better about myself and for the next thing I do I write a gratitude journal

Step #8 – Fly next

Ever since I finished my experiment I noticed a change in my mood when I sleep early. Even though sleep didn’t really help my anxiety it definitely helped…

An April calendar, a yoga mat and block next to a comfy chair and a person contemplating both

Step #8 Where to next?

I really enjoyed how the daily yoga made me feel overall and have made a spot in my living room for my mat and blocks. This makes it…

The above stick figure is very calm and happy. It\'s full of love and peace from inside.

Step 8 – Next “caper”

Doing this wellness activity was real fun and helpful. I’ll continue mediating in future because it’s caused me real good!

Girl sits on floor in yoga sitting yoga position. There is a clock behind her.

Step #8 – Where will you fly next?

Moving forward, I plan to spend more time doing relaxing wellness practices. Although my data didn’t show a significant decrease in my anxiety over the course of the…

The above stick figure is feeling very low and is not well. It seems like he\\\'s having fever and can\\\'t do alot of stuff.

Step 6 – Flop!

It was a day when I was feeling like having fever and was very low. It was my hardest day to meditate and keep my get cape activity…

A person wearing red cape, walking up the stairs towards a sign labelled happiness.

Step #8 – FLY. Next “caper”

After completing this activity, I have come to the conclusion that I will work more on my happiness. I’ll continue to think of positive things that make me…

person sitting legs crossed, hands on their knees, with two thought bubbles: a heart and a water drop-ripple, and a large check mark beside the thought bubbles

Step 8 – Next “caper”

My hypothesis was correct! Because I discovered loving-kindness meditation correlated with moderate energy, I want to continue meditating regularly and try mindful meditation for my next caper.

A stick figure is shown thinking in their head.

Step #8 – What’s Next

Here I am thinking of what my next steps are. I’m not quite sure yet, but I’m going to be exploring another tactic to further help my mental…

Person looking at their cape which has the word "positivity" written on it, taking the cape and hanging it on the wall in their room next to their desk and then sitting at their desk to continue their work.

Step #8 – Fly! – Where Will I Fly Next?

Now that I have completed this project, my experiences will become tools which I can use in my day-to-day life in the future. I have earned my cape,…

A stick-figure person goes to bed and thinks about what was good about today: a text shows that it is 10:00 pm.


The day after my 14 days of research, I discovered that I get used to my wellness practice of recalling positive things before going to bed. I have…

Someone happily sleeping in a blue bed with no phone


I found that during my practice of turning my phone off everyday for at least an hour, I was able to be more productive and I got more…