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Show a scene in stick figures of the issue in your life that you would like to change. (Be safe: Please choose something that can be read by all — not too vulnerable, private, or confidential).

Person laying in bed with thought bubble. \

STEP #1- Backstory

Due to a stressful few months I suffered from nightmares. I woke up relieved that it was a nightmare and not reality.

A stick figure in their bedroom with stress written in a text bubble. There is a dresser, computer and bed in the room that has one window.


I have high anxioty leveles and a image of me stressed out about live in my bed room was the best way I could depict that.

Meditation: Healing your mind and body

Step1 – Get Cape – Back Story

Stick figure is a boy who is sad. He can’t really explain what is wrong with him, or why does he feels that way. He is sitting down,…

The stick figure, me, is just laying in bed with it\'s eyes open.

Step #1 Back Story

The comic above shows a picture of me in bed and just laying in bed and unable to sleep with many thoughts on my mind and feeling anxious…

A stick figure looking into the mirror because he is unhappy about the way he looks.

step 1

An unhappy me looking at myself in the mirror because my goal is to be fit but I’ve been very lazy and unable to achieve anything that I…

Stick person looks at screen time and sees it is 12 hours


Stick person sees phone screen time and says i use my phone way to much also decides that it’s effecting schoolwork and to use it less.

person sleeping in bed dreaming about physical exercise and how good it will feel to know you\\\\\\\'re active regularly


I’ve been wanting to get more active recently. because of covid i havent spent a lot of time outside. ive been having this recurring dream where im running…

It is a stick figure of me showing that I have many problems and anxiety level is too high.

Step #1 – Get cape BACK STORY

It is a stick figure of me showing that I have many problems and anxiety level is too high.

The comic is visualizing my current situation about getting stressed by thinking of many factors of life such as career, job, studying, health, work. These mentioned issues effecting my sleep and leading to insomnia & I am also finding difficulty how to manage time for every important practice to keep myself healthy mentally, socially & economically.


The comic depicts a person stressing & sweating by thinking about various of the present & future.

The stick figure is holding his head because he cant deal with all the due dates

Step #1 – Back story -Procrastinating Stress

The stick figure is overwhelmed and stressed by the due dates of assignments that it had left for the last second. This is an issue that has been…

There is a person who is standing and getting stressed about the things she want to do or wants to take care of like her career, dignity, character, personality, etc.

Step #1 – Back story

A Stick figure person represent me because I am stressed out sometimes or anxiety about thinking of my future and what I am going to do to make…

Someone sitting on a bed next to a clock that says 12:30 pm with a big to do list next to it.

Step #1- Back story

I have this bad psychological thinking that if I wake up too late, it means I can’t do anything with my day anymore and I’ve wasted it. My…

Stick figure sitting at a desk looking at a calendar and thinking about reading.

Step #1 – Back Story

Since the beginning of the semester, I have found that I have been over scheduling myself and feeling anxious because of it. I often feel that there are…

A stick figure is thinking at a desk in front of a badly drawn computer. Half the image is taken up by political symbols, papers, weights, coronavirus, filing cabinets, a moving box, a camping tent, a to-do list, a microphone, and an \'M\' logo. The figure comments \

Step #1 – My Backstory

In this scene all the reasons for my wanting to meditate to alleviate anxiety and improve my concentration are depicted through the symbols in the thought bubble, there…

Stick Figure is sitting there alone and thinking about things he's suffering recently which is slowly leady to Anxiety Disorder.

Step #1- back story

In this comic, you can see this stick figure is suffering from terrible Anxiety Disorder, which represents me. I’m always stressed about everything and constantly overthinking about everything….

Here I’m laying in bed unable to sleep with my mind racing

Step #1- back story

Sleep is something that has always been important to me but I’ve struggled with sleeping for a very long time. I have really bad anxiety and I’m always…

It is a stick picture of a person sleeping on there chair while the computer screen is on with his leg on the desk and one on the garbage can

Step #1- Back Story

For the past couple of weeks, I have been getting not enough sleep so, I have been getting tired while I am on my computer while either playing…

Stick figure person hiding behind a door surrounded by others shadows cause she is bullied for how she looks. She doesn’t fit in and wants to be alone.

Step #1 – Back story

As the oldest child, growing up was difficult. I gained over 20 pounds when diagnosed with asthma. I did start taking care of myself recently and lost almost…

Two stick figure people standing. The one on the left has an angry face. The person on the left has a joyful look, holding a book and giving it to the angry person.

Step #1 – Get Cape – Back Story

One day I was angry and could not handle all the problems I had during that period of my life. I did not see any good things in…


Step #1 – BACK STORY

I am feeling stressed and tired from last few days so in order to feel happy and energetic.I started to do meditation to make myself happy and calm….