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Show us a scene of the highest height, your BEST research outcome on any day during your “Get cape” project. Be sure to show us what about your day most contributed to your success.

A car, bubble tea and the sun and a book during a warm sunny day


My highest height would probably be one of the last days. I was at work early and got bubble tea when I got there the weather ended up…

Morning and happy stick figure with thought bubble \

STEP #7 – Highest height

I slept through the whole night one night without a single nightmare and I woke up so happy and energized.

a stick figure in a chair siting at a desk working on a computer.

step 7

on this day I was not feeling the covid recovery as much. after feeling calmer after a walk I got a lot of school work done I was…

A stick figure is seen from the back working at their detailed desk, the words \

Step #7 Highest Height!

Only a few days ago I was able to get far more work done than expected very quickly, in part thanks to a transcribing tool I discovered. It…

The stick figure is in bed sleeping

Step #7 – Fly! Highest Height

The stick figure, me, is finally in bed and I meditated for the full 20 minutes I was set to do and finally am able to get a…

Here i am sitting feeling great! There or bright yellow lines radiating from me and Iā€™m wearing a red cape with a large smile on my face.

Step #7 – Fly high!

On the las day of my practice i felt so happy and fulfilled! I felt accomplished and overall had successfully reduced my anxiety significantly from the starting point…

A stick figure smiling after looking over the completed research part and data of the get cape project on the computer. The stick figure also happily looking over the comics drawn and appreciating them.


In my opinion the most successful day of this project was towards the end when we gathered our data. It helped seeing what this project did do for…

Two figures embrace with a heart above them. They are surrounded by calm words and music notes.


February 18th was by far my least anxious day! My partner took me out on a date and I left my phone off for 2 hours, and then…

I wake up from my worst day and do some yoga and relaxing and head to the gym

Step #7 – Fly!

The morning from my worst day ended up being the start of one of my best days. I I woke up late that day however when I woke…

A person in three different yoga poses and a Calendar reading the date February 14

Step #7- Fly! Highest Height

On February 14th everything seemed to really be flowing. I started my day out with a great yoga routine, all the poses felt awesome.

In the above stick figure, it seems to be very happy and full of energy!

Step 7 – Fly!

It was a day when everything was happening in my favor. I was really very happy and calm and my energy was reaching sky! I felt like it…

Girl and boy look relaxed while doing a yoga position.

Step #7 – Highest height…. so far!

On a few occasions throughout my Get Cape research project by boyfriend decided to join my yoga practice. This made the experience so much more enjoyable and fun…

on the left is a two storey house with 3 happy dogs in the front yard, on the right is a relaxed-looking person with a thought bubble containing a heart and a graph

Step 7 – Fly!

My get cape project height was when I arrived at my dad’s house and found myself relaxed and ready to do my wellness project to the best ability…

A stick figure lays against a tree in a field with two dogs

Step #7 Fly!

Here I am laying in a little grassy field with my two lovely doggies. Surrounding myself with positive thoughts really changed my perspective and my attitude. A usual…

Left slide: person sitting at a computer showing an expression of concentration. Right slide: a first person view of the computer screen showing a data charts with words hovering above the screen reading, "Data Organizing".

Step #7 – Fly! – Highest Hight So Far

Though the whole experience was very interesting and enjoyable, I found the final organization and entry of my collected data a VERY satisfying and proud moment. Filling things…

A stick figure person who looks happy and excited. Besides it, there is a to-do list titled \


One day of my 14 days of research, we went as a family to a park, and we did many activities. I met new friends as well as…

Stick figure standing next to a car and trees. A map shows the destination, Kelowna, marked by a red x on a map.

Step#7 Your highest height so far

During reading break I went on a road trip to Kelowna with my family and some family friends and it was the least anxious I had been in…

A person walking with a smile on their face and a thought bubble of themselves meditating.

Step #7: Fly!

I started to notice near the end that my moods had changed for the better and I felt more optimistic to be out in the world and enjoy…

In the picture there is a stick man walking to the door to open it with a smile in his face


The highest I flew was the day I decided to go out and just have a fun and relaxing day right before walking outside I have a big…

Stick figure stares at a Novice driver magnet. Sunshine within the background supports the happy thoughts.

Step #7 – Fly! Highest Height

Within my comic, I have displayed a stick figure, which represents myself, holding up a Novice driver magnet, indicating I had successfully completed my driving test. This was…