stick figure child picks up blue cape.


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A person sitting on the ground feeling relaxed at 10:00 am with a text bubble that says,"Now I can relax!"

Step #8- Where will I fly next?

I am so sad that I didn’t start this psychological practice earlier because all this time, the answer to dealing with my anxiety was starting my day early…

A person jumping in the air holding a to-do list that is completed. Clock on the right that says 10:00am.

Step #5- Show Me The Data!

For my data collection, I realized how much waking up earlier to finish all my tasks for the day has greatly improve my anxiety levels throughout the day!…

A book shelf full of books the a figure is looking at.


Overall, I saw progress in my calmness and found that it was also a way to unplug off my phone for a bit. I hope to continue this…

A car, bubble tea and the sun and a book during a warm sunny day


My highest height would probably be one of the last days. I was at work early and got bubble tea when I got there the weather ended up…

A girls thoughts about feel tired


During my get cape project I was going some mental health stuff which made me get tired very easily throughout the day. I found it hard to pick…

A girl looking at her data collection

Step #5 show me the data!

During the data collection portion, I realized how much reading affected my daily life.

Bottle of Melatonin

STEP #8 – Next

I want to continue my routine of sleep meditation as well as going to bed at 9:00 p.m. however I want to try eating a Melatonin pill 15…

Morning and happy stick figure with thought bubble \

STEP #7 – Highest height

I slept through the whole night one night without a single nightmare and I woke up so happy and energized.

A phone with a call and a clock.

STEP #6 – Wear cape – Hardest day

My hardest day was actually several nights where right after my sleep meditation was finished me and my mother got some very important calls from our home country…

Graph showing energy throughout the day.

STEP #5 – Data & Conclusion

This graph shows how my energy throughout the days of this process slowly went up but still had some times and days where my energy was lower than…

Phone with alarm set for 9:00 p.m..

STEP #4 – Wear cape: Halfway (7th day)

Halfway through this process I felt it was getting easier for me to go to bed and start my meditation at 9:00 p.m.. I used to stay awake…

Laying in bed fast asleep.

STEP #3 – Wear cape: First day

My first time doing the sleep meditation I fell asleep very quickly and only had two nightmares that night getting better sleep than I had in a long…

Girl laying in bed holding a stuffed animal.

STEP #2 – Get Cape: Preparing for change

Having a stuffed animal and being as comfortable as possible was a huge part of getting prepared for my sleep meditation.

Person laying in bed with thought bubble. \

STEP #1- Backstory

Due to a stressful few months I suffered from nightmares. I woke up relieved that it was a nightmare and not reality.

a stick figure in a chair siting at a desk working on a computer.

step 7

on this day I was not feeling the covid recovery as much. after feeling calmer after a walk I got a lot of school work done I was…

a calendar for April 2022, with gold stars on some of the days

step 8

I do believe that even though it was rough I do believe that the wellness practice helped me mentally and physically. I plan to continue every other day.

a stick figure struggling to walk, there is a bus to the right full of stick figures, it is a rainy day.

step 6

while I was getting over covid, it was difficult to do the get cape wellness practice but there were days when I forced myself out of the house…

a girl smiling and enjoying her book

Step #4 – Wear cape: Halfway (7th day)

During the half way point it was starting to feel easier to add this habit into my schedule even though some days were busy then others.I also enjoyed…

A figure reading at her desk, the drawing is in birds eye view

Step #3 wear cape: first day

During my first day I had a pretty long day at work which lead me to being really tired. I found the 30 minutes of reading felt longer…