356 Month: March 2022 (page 1 of 18)

a girl smiling and enjoying her book

Step #4 – Wear cape: Halfway (7th day)

During the half way point it was starting to feel easier to add this habit into my schedule even though some days were busy then others.I also enjoyed…

A figure reading at her desk, the drawing is in birds eye view

Step #3 wear cape: first day

During my first day I had a pretty long day at work which lead me to being really tired. I found the 30 minutes of reading felt longer…

Different sections of how I’m preparing for change ex. setting alarms and reminders. Finding a book to read. A figure organizing her space to feel ready.

STEP #2 -Get Cape: Preparing For Change

In this photo you have different scenes on how I’m getting ready for change . First I stayed after class with professor J to ask questions and confirm…

A stick figure is shown meditating cross legged with headphones on. A thought bubble shows straight lines as opposed to messy symbols.

Step #8 Where to fly next?

I’m meditating in the future, but my thoughts are now organized and on my terms!

A stick figure is seen from the back working at their detailed desk, the words \

Step #7 Highest Height!

Only a few days ago I was able to get far more work done than expected very quickly, in part thanks to a transcribing tool I discovered. It…

A stick figure lies in a detailed bed with the word \'Nope\' above him. There is no movement.

Step #6 – Hardest Day

The hardest day was simply struggling to get out of bed because I felt like I was getting so little done.

A slide that shows an arrow on the left pointing up representing excursive on the right an arrow pointing down representing anxiety.

step 5

this seen is a slide that shows my results from the wellness practice, this was the best way I could think of to represent my results.

a stick figure laying in bed

half way – step 4

Covid was hard on my body and I had a lot of exhaustion from recovering from covid brought down my energy levels affecting my ability to maintain my…

a stick figures out walking. the sky is blue with some clouds and sun. the ground is pavement.

step 3

this is an image of me on the first day of my wellness practice. I was not feeling that well so it was a short walk.

A stick figure in their bedroom with stress written in a text bubble. There is a dresser, computer and bed in the room that has one window.


I have high anxioty leveles and a image of me stressed out about live in my bed room was the best way I could depict that.

a leg wearing blue jeans a black sock and a red and gray shoe. there is also a watch in the picture

STEP # 2 – Get Cape

this is me getting ready for my wellness practice of 30 minutes of walking each day. all I need for this wellness practice are good shoes and a…

Meditation: Healing your mind and body

Step1 – Get Cape – Back Story

Stick figure is a boy who is sad. He can’t really explain what is wrong with him, or why does he feels that way. He is sitting down,…

the stick figure is shown the meditation resulted in better lifestile

Step #5 – My conclusion

I started meditation in the mornings, and I saw a gradual increase in my graph for happiness. It made my lifestyle more healthy and happy.

The stick figure, me, is just laying in bed with it\'s eyes open.

Step #1 Back Story

The comic above shows a picture of me in bed and just laying in bed and unable to sleep with many thoughts on my mind and feeling anxious…

The girl is confused on what to make of the information.


My average plan followed was 87.5, and was to measure fatigue, but there were a few days where I didn’t follow it so the graph isn’t perfect. It…

Girl thinks about using a planner or journal


I am thinking about using a planner to record the time and journal about my wellness practice, I could even write in further details.

The stick figure is meditating and clear of any thoughts

Step #8 – Fly. Next

The stick figure, me, is going to continue to meditate as it helped me decrease my anxiety and will try to meditate for even longer periods of time.

The stick figure is in bed sleeping

Step #7 – Fly! Highest Height

The stick figure, me, is finally in bed and I meditated for the full 20 minutes I was set to do and finally am able to get a…

The stick figure is using her phone in bed at night. The phone is connected to the charger and there is a lamp switched on, on top of the night table

Step #6 – Wear Cape – FLOP? Your hardest day

There is a stick figure, me, is scrolling through tiktok and having a very hard time putting my phone away as I am just tempted to keep scrolling…

A stick figure with 2 graphs

step 5

I realized after looking at my data the more progress made on my wellness practice the happier I’ve been and I’m super proud of myself for sticking to…