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Now that you have chosen what you would like to practice changing, it’s time to ‘get your cape’. Show a scene of you collecting and organizing yourself for success in this project. “A good beginning never ends”

Girl laying in bed holding a stuffed animal.

STEP #2 – Get Cape: Preparing for change

Having a stuffed animal and being as comfortable as possible was a huge part of getting prepared for my sleep meditation.

Different sections of how Iā€™m preparing for change ex. setting alarms and reminders. Finding a book to read. A figure organizing her space to feel ready.

STEP #2 -Get Cape: Preparing For Change

In this photo you have different scenes on how Iā€™m getting ready for change . First I stayed after class with professor J to ask questions and confirm…

a leg wearing blue jeans a black sock and a red and gray shoe. there is also a watch in the picture

STEP # 2 – Get Cape

this is me getting ready for my wellness practice of 30 minutes of walking each day. all I need for this wellness practice are good shoes and a…

Girl thinks about using a planner or journal


I am thinking about using a planner to record the time and journal about my wellness practice, I could even write in further details.

A stick figure purchasing a gym membership.

step 2

I knew in order to achieve my goals I must obtain a gym membership at the local gym by my house because its nearby and its what is…

There is a guy that is sitting down and reading a book which is labelled as \

Step #2 – Prep for wellness practice

For preparation, I researched a few habits that would affect my sleep positively and would put me to bed faster. The one that caught my eye was reading…

Stick figure outside going on a run with phone in hand and headphones in and a headband on.


Going on my daily walk and getting ready to sprint to practice my wellness practice. My phone in hand along with earphones so I can listen to music…

This is a diagram of my mobile phone which I am going to use for wake up early in morning for meditation.

Step #2 – Get cape prepare to change

This is a figure of my mobile phone which I am going to use to set alarm to wake up early in morning for meditation.

The picture shows two person before and after preparing for the wellness practice. The first person is looking stressed while holding his head in anxiety and the preparations done for the wellness practice. The picture also visualize the equipment to use for exercising and clock to stay punctual. the second person on the right hand side looks happy & distressed after practicing wellness practice.


The photo depicts the difference in my mood before and after preparing for change and practicing wellness exercise.

A person holding a phone making alarms that starts from 8:00am and every five minutes after that.

Step #2 – Preparing For A Change

I am a very very heavy sleeper thus why I am committing to making an alarm every 5 minutes starting at 8:00am. I have realized that one of…

In this cartoon, a stick figure stands clutching dumbbells and encourages itself to go to the gym and work out on a daily basis. Brainstorming ways to avoid junk food, gradually increase self-esteem and confidence, emphasise happiness over all else, and focus more on itself. There\\\\\\\'s a lot going on around here, but this stick figure is really trying to focus og it\\\\\\\'s happiness.

“Step #2 ā€“ Get cape: Preparing for change”

I’ve resolved to concentrate on my happiness, which will help me improve my overall well-being. This step 2 represents how I encouraged myself to go to the gym…

Here Iā€™m getting ready to start the wear cape part of my project and Iā€™m putting all distractions away like my phone and computer

Step 2

Having my phone and my computer and my two biggest distractions and putting them away will help me definitely go to sleep fast and earlier always I feel…

Get ready to say thank you,make some gift, and write a thank you letter.

Step #2 – Get cape step #2

I am getting ready to thank the people, make some simple gift to them and write a thank you letter. To keep track of the people, I should…

A stick character thinking at his desk about how his project is going to and what will be measured

Step #2 – Preparing for change

A stick figure thinking about how and what he will measure to be successful in this project.

I have a picture of a stick figure sleeping in his bed happy with a clock on the top right corner on 9 and on the top left corner having a number with 7+ meaning I would be sleeping for more than 7 hours everyday

Step #2- Preparing for change

I decided to draw this because this is what I will be trying to do for my practice which is sleeping no later than 9 or a little…

A stick figure sits cross- legged on a yoga mat in a cluttered room.

Step 2: Get Cape

In this “preparing for change” comic, I have found my yoga mat and am simply making the time to be on it. In this case, making the time…

A stick figure buying healthy groceries to replace the unhealthy food

Step #2 – Preparing

As preparing for the gym, I have gotten rid of unhealthy food and replaces it with healthy meals and groceries. I have also prepared the app where I…

The stick figure is sitting, cross-legged, eyes closed, and clear of thoughts. The only thought in mind is focusing on meditating.

Step #2 – Preparing for change

The aura is peaceful and the sun is out and its just good vibes during meditation

Three stick figures of a girl- first one is eating apple , second girl is taking a walk while the third girl is sleeping.

Step #2 – Preparing for a change

my wellness practice is exercising so Iam preparing my body for doing exercise by eating healthy food , taking a morning walk and by sleeping eight hours a…

The above stick figure represents that a time table is to be made regarding all the things to be done and so that we can stay focused. Instead of just surfing over the internet and social media doing something like meditation and yoga could actually benefit us both mentally and physically!

Step #2 – Prepare for change

As we all know that now a days everyone enjoya spending time on social media and scrolling through internet which is an actual wastage of time! Instead one…