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By now you have chosen your “make one change” variable, posted your back story, gathered and organized for success. Now it’s time to show us a stick figure scene of how your first day on your plan went…

Laying in bed fast asleep.

STEP #3 – Wear cape: First day

My first time doing the sleep meditation I fell asleep very quickly and only had two nightmares that night getting better sleep than I had in a long…

A figure reading at her desk, the drawing is in birds eye view

Step #3 wear cape: first day

During my first day I had a pretty long day at work which lead me to being really tired. I found the 30 minutes of reading felt longer…

a stick figures out walking. the sky is blue with some clouds and sun. the ground is pavement.

step 3

this is an image of me on the first day of my wellness practice. I was not feeling that well so it was a short walk.

A stick figure is sad and saying I can\'t


On the first day, I was motivated to start the project. There was zero physical activity in these two years. It took a while for my body to…

Stick figure getting out of bed with dizzy marks around his head indicating that he is very tired after waking up and feeling very grumpy

Step #3- Wear Cape: First Day

You can see that I only slept for 6 and a half hours and I was very tired obviously it didn’t help that I went to bed very…

The image depicts me curious about the first day of the wellness practice. To relax and calm the mind I will be performing breathing in and out practice for five minutes at three different times which is 9 am, 2pm & 9pm.


The comic depicts how a person has planned wellness practice to get relief from anxiety by doing breathing practice.

Mediation and nature

Step #3 – Day1

This comic is showing me doing mediation in the lap of nature. Day1 was bit difficult for me to concentrate but I did it. I felt the sensation…

It is sunny outside and I just woke up realizing I forgot to set my alarm!

Step #3 – First day

My first day went well for not being on my screen but I forgot to set my alarm on my phone for the next day to wake up!…

The stick figure is facetiming friends on laptop.


The girl is on a video call with friends, asking about life, Not too much focus on COVID or deaths.

Stick figure walks up forested trail. The path is textualized by rocks and indentations.

Step #3 – First Day

For my first day of my wellness practice, I decided to go for a walk up a nearby trail close to my house. This walk was 50 minutes…

The stick figure is ticking off things from his to-do list while he folds laundry

Step #3 – Procrastinator Follows To-do list

The stick figure is ticking off things from his to-do list while he folds laundry which helps with his new goal of making a habit of organizing and…

A stick figure who runs under a beautiful weather, and she has to drink a water from Starbucks after running for a while.

Step 3: First Day of comix

On my first running day, I began to run from my house to the square across my neighborhood which is named Richlea Square and drink a cup of…

A stick figure who is sad and with two 50ib dumbbells around him.

Step #3 – First day

My stick figure self sees the workout equipment around him but still is complaining about beginning the weight loss journey even when especially he is not happy with…

The stick figure is sleeping well at night and waking up early for meditation.

Step 3 – First Day

The stick figure is having a nice 8-hour sleep and then waking up early at 6 am to do meditation.

You can see a man that is extremely energized to the point of sparks shooting out meaning he is overloaded with energy he is also jumping up in the air with a smile on his face with both hands and feet kicking outwards with a cloud text bubble coming from his head where a light bulb is displayed he is plugged into the wall via socket and wire

Step #3 – Comic Three First Day Wellness Practice

For the first day of my wellness practice I got 8 hours of sleep which I usually only get 4 hours on a good day. I felt extremely…

stick figure tiredly leaving the house during mid day with comfortable clothes on and phone in hand with earphones in, pushing themselves to start their get cape project


I had a hard time getting readjusted to a small change in my schedule. Part of my free time was used to get started on this project so…

She made it without using her phone

Step #3 – First Day

The time is 3 pm and she’s thinking I made it without using my phone even though she really wanted to but she thought to herself no I…

A stick figure is sitting cross-legged on a carpet with headphones on, as with the word CALM.

Step #3 – First Day

I listened to to a ten-minute guided meditation in the morning though I had to remind myself that calm was the objective.

There is a bed on the left side and someone is crawling out of bed to reach the alarm that is placed on a desk on the other side of the room.

Step #3 – FIRST DAY

As I expected, forcing myself to wake up at 8:00 am was a struggle. I purposely put my phone on my desk so I would be forced to…

stick figure with 50% battery

Step #3 First Day

In this comic, I am seen with a battery percentage of a bit over 50%. After my first night of trying to sleep for 7 hours I struggled…