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Show us a stick figure scene of your progress with “make one change” 7 COMPLETED days into your research project.

Phone with alarm set for 9:00 p.m..

STEP #4 – Wear cape: Halfway (7th day)

Halfway through this process I felt it was getting easier for me to go to bed and start my meditation at 9:00 p.m.. I used to stay awake…

a girl smiling and enjoying her book

Step #4 – Wear cape: Halfway (7th day)

During the half way point it was starting to feel easier to add this habit into my schedule even though some days were busy then others.I also enjoyed…

a stick figure laying in bed

half way – step 4

Covid was hard on my body and I had a lot of exhaustion from recovering from covid brought down my energy levels affecting my ability to maintain my…

The stick figure, me, is standing with a cup of hot coffee in one hand and a gym bag in the other hand. There also is a smile on the stick figures face.

STEP #4 – Wear Cape: Halfway

In the comix above the stick figure just woke up and is drinking her morning coffee. She feels a lot better than she did the previous week, hence…

Struggling with finding the perfect time to go to sleep and sleeping early sometimes and late the other days

Step #4 – Half way

I’m the middle of the of the experiment I sleeping early or getting ready for bed early was so hard to get into because I was still stuck…

A person is sleeping soundly in bed as a computer monitor looks on at this person disappointed. A stack of papers can be seen on the desk with the monitor

Step #4 – Halfway, 7th Day

So far my research has been going fairly well. Taking breaks from technology has helped the quality of my sleep greatly. I must say though I find it…

A girl with her knees crossed, hands on her knees, head back, eyes closed, feather in hand. Smoke rising from smudge shell in front of her, with sage bundle nearby.

Step #4: Halfway

By the mid-point, there was a noticeable change in my anxiety. I felt much calmer, and my mindfulness smudge sessions were something to look forward to throughout the…

On the left we see a sad and anxious stick figure during day one. On the right we have the same stick figure now relaxed on day seven.


I was super worried at the beginning. The idea of keeping track of my anxiety levels, doing my practices and doing them right made me anxious. After getting…

Me as a stickman first doing chest press workout then moving to dumbbells pushying myself to meet my goal


As a stick figure first starting my workout by doing chest press with 115 on each side and I slowly decided to move to dumbbells with 35 on…

Stick figure holding a pen next to two documents. One document that states "14 day wellness data" with days 1-7 crossed off and the other being a daily data sheet with the collection times.


In this comic, I am collecting my data after the halfway mark of our 14 day wellness practice. After 7 days, I have found it easier to recall…

In this stick figure it shows that after getting good sleep it reduces my anxiety level and there are so many changes in my anxiety level.

Step #4 – Halfway #7 day

As its 7th day for following some steps of reducing anxiety level by getting good sleep. It shows that how my anxiety level reduced by getting good sleep….

A stick figure is shown formerly cross-legged, headphones on, phone in hand, having fallen forward with it\'s head hitting the carpet.

Step #4 – Halfway

Energy comes and goes to the point it is sometimes tricky to remain upright during the times allotted to meditation. Here I just let my head hit the…

A stick figure and a bench press machine with the stick figure complaining about being sore.

Step #4 – Wear cape Half way

On my 7th day I was so sore from all my workouts from the previous days it really hurted to lift weights but I knew i had to…

Stick figure upsettingly checking watch to see how long until next meditation and thought bubble saying “I’m looking forward to tonight!”.

Step #4: Day 7 (Halfway)

In my comic, I’m looking at my watch anticipating the next time I get to meditate. That indicated to me that I am starting to really appreciate meditating…

The stick figure shows the young happy girl holding a heart shaped balloon and a figure of calendar with the dates.

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Halfway 7th Day

This figure shows the happiness on my face after performing my wellness practice for 7 days. Nowadays, I am feeling very energetic and stable. I noticed that exercise…

stick person happy and smiling

Step #4 Halfway

My comic is me being happier and feeling more calm than I normally was. I am starting to notice the positive effects of meditation so far and only…

A stick figure of me doing meditation early in the morning in park.

#Step 4 halfway, 7th day

This is me doing meditation with a very focus mind and realising that meditation has really made my mind and emotions stable. At first, I was not able…

stick figure gets an idea while making his next days to-do list

Step #4 – Procrastinator gets an idea

While making my next days to-do list, I get an idea noticing how much organizing and following an organized routine has helped me, i thought the basic principle…

A person feeling the happiest and energetic during day with their energy level reducing as the day passes.

Step #4 – Halfway (7th day)

There’s no doubt that this activity has had a major impact on my happiness as I feel a lot more happier and relaxed as compared to the past….

The stick figure shows how angry and disturbed it was before this wellness activity! But after doing the activity for a week, it\'s become calm and happy!

Step #4 – Wear cap: halfway

The stick figure above displays how the life was going before starting with this activity! It was so hectic and i was angry and stressed most of the…