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A person is walking in the sunny flowery fields and can only be seen to be stuck in their own sad thoughts

Step #1 – Back story

A usual day for Siobhán is a good one, but in the last few years she has noticed her own struggle to find positives from her every day…

Stick figure persons enjoying their moments by holding each other hands

Step #1 – Back story

Lockdown period was really a boring having nothing to do just stay at home .during this time I developed a really bad habit of using mobile .I spend…

stick figure girl with a worried face and hands clasped together. four thought bubbles connected to her head and four lighting bolts around her head.

Step #1 – My back story

Ever since I was in high school I experienced anxiety. At first, I only felt it before exams and presentations but now it is more prominent in my…

A girl who is sad, talking to a doctor.

Step #1 – Back story

A couple of months ago, I received bad news from my doctor. This news has taken a significant toll on my mental health. I often find myself focusing…

stick figure person overthinking, decides to start walking to release pent up stress. Edit Link: (emailed to author)

Step #1 – Back story

Recently, I have not been doing well mentally, so one method I thought I would give a shot to improve my this includes daily walks / hikes. While…

A person with bags under their eyes sitting in front of a laptops lit screen. The sun and moon could be seen flying across the sky, implying the passage of time.

Step #1 – Back story

During this time stuck inside, I have become much too comfortable with spending all my time on the internet. I tend to waste time doing things that are…

person meditating

Step #1 – Back story

In my comic, there is a person mediating and that’s because that’s the mindful practice I chose. The reason why I chose meditating is because I can get…

This comic is showing my past and current scenario with meditation. Everyone has problems in his/ her life. In my life,I faced a lot but after getting into mediation and spirituality,I’ve felt many changes in myself not only mentally but physically as well. This is a real therapy to our mind and soul and the best way to deal with any kind of problems.I would love to continue this forever and will try to devote more time on it.

Step #1 – Back story

This comic is showing before and after meditation.problems are part of life.It’s showing after meditation how the mind change its energy to postivity.

A stick figure laying in bed, with a sunset in the window. The stick figure has a thought bubble above his head mixed with multiple thoughts

Step #1 – Back story

Every night as I am laying in bed i tend to overthink what I have done that day and what I have planned for the next day to…

Stick figure girl is sitting in front of her laptop at her desk. She has an anxious facial expression and there are thought bubbles around her head expressing anxious thoughts.

Step #1 – Back story

I have anxiety disorder, and online learning can sometimes accentuate my symptoms. Recently, I have been feeling especially overwhelmed and struggling more than usual to control my worried…

On the left, I'm lying in bed, wide awake, with an alarm going off in my thought bubble to show anxious feelings. Arrows point to me falling asleep during a movie with my partner, me being tired an confused trying to do homework, and me working at a coffee shop looking tired.

Step #1 – Back story

This scene is showing how feeling anxious at night is keeping me up and making me tired all the time. I’m tired at work, I’m tired while I’m…

Stick figure laying in bed upset with a thought bubble that says \


In this stick figure scene, I’m laying in bed overthinking and stressing about the negative aspects of my day. I’ve always had a tendency of focusing on the…

Here is the stick figure showing anxiety disorder and become insecure in her life. Pilled up with unnecessity thoughts.

Step #1 – Back story

After I completed my secondary Education. I planned to came to Canada for my further studies but due to pandemic, the immigration process didn’t go with the flow….

On the drawing, a parent and a child are engaged in outdoor activity to be more caring and creative.

Step #1 – Back story – Outdoor Activity

We decided to withdraw our daughter from the daycare, in order to spend more time together. But instead, she spends more time with her screen while I am…

Stick figure covering her ears and walking away trying to get rid of negative thoughts.

Step #1 – Back story

I have been having issues with overthinking for the longest. Everyday, I struggle with negative thoughts like “what if something doesn’t work out” or sometimes, I end up…

stick figure person sitting on the chair thinking about the different exercises and then decides to go for running to release some tightness from the life and to inhale the fresh air for the happy mind.

Step #1 – Back story

Recently, I have been taunted by someone for my body fitness so now I have decided to maintain my body physically and mentally fit by performing exercise regularly…

Two stick figures of a girl-- left girl seems athletic and happy while the girl on right seems sad and lazy.

Step1# Back Story

Three years back, I used to participate in many track events. I won many medals . Exercising gave me a sense of satisfaction but as soon as I…

A stick figure reminiscing about all the good that went on throughout the day of work.

Step #1 – Back story

Looking back on how my day at work and how it was greatly positive and it not taking any letting any negative experiences affect it.

An anxious person is seated, thinking about many things that are happening in her life.

Step #1 – Back story

When I was in senior high school, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. It really took a toll on me. But I was able to manage it….

Person pulling their hair with their hands

Step #1 – Back story – Stressed Out

I stress out a lot. Sometimes I feel like I could just pull my hair out because I’m so overloaded with things in my life