55 Month: January 2022 (page 2 of 3)

A stick figure being confused and depressed because of all the stuff going on due weight issues such as body shamming, in securing, low confidence, stress and so on.

Step #1 – Back story

So it’s been a while I have been struggling with weight issues due to my insulin resistance and sedentary lifestyle. Although it’s better now but due to study…

person laying in bed with a thinking bubble full of scribbles

Back Story

I have a hard time falling asleep; often, I get restless and my thoughts race. Once I’m out, I sleep like a log, but sometimes it’s hours before…

Three strips of comic, each with a sun and a stick figure. The stick figure has a varying worried facial expressions in each.

Step #1 – Back story

Most days my mood can be difficult to regulate and it is greatly affected by my eating, sleeping and exercise habits. Some days are easier and lighter than…

The picture depicts a person who has a chaotic mind and seems very upset.

step 1# back story

I get anxious easily, and it affects my daily performance and efficiency. The stress consumes my energy and concentration, and I am tired of this unhealthy mind and…

girl with a foggy head space. who likes to sleep and be on the phone but hates to do homework or eat because it causes anxiety.

step 1# back story

This is a picture of me on a daily basis. It shows me very foggy headed not being able to think properly. The only thing I can think…

Person sitting on the ground holding their legs up to their chest with stressful concepts floating around their head and consuming their thoughts.

Step #1 – Get Cape – Back Story

I often find myself in the, unfortunately, very common headspace of being completely consumed by self distinctive stress. As I become more of an adult every day and…

I am stressing about cleaning the apartment, stressing about all my schoolwork piling up, unable to sleep because I\\\'m stressing about everything I have to do the next day (no break in between all my tasks).

Step #1 – Back story – Relaxing is not my cup of tea

There are never enough hours in the day. I put a lot of pressure on myself to finish everything each day to avoid procrastination or falling behind. I…

A person is seen using mobile phone thinking about social media and texting while having no concentration on his breakfast

Step #1 Backstory

Every morning whenever I am eating breakfast, I always seem to use my phone to watch videos, go on social media and have a conversation with my friends…

A girl who is looking depressed and is thinking about her current stressful life.

Step #1 – Back story

Last year, i was diagnosed with a X disease due to which i gained a lot of weight and also got very depressed. So, doctor suggested me to…

In this image, the character has no energy before exercising and looks tired every day. After starting to exercise, character became energetic.

Step #1 – Back story

I feel tired and sleepy every day and have no interest in doing anything. But after I try to do exercise, I become full of energy.

In image, I saw a man who couldn\'t sleep in bed at 2am and he think a lot bad things.At 7 in the morning he wake up.

Step 1 back story

Before I go to bed, I will think of many bad things that will affect my mood. A bad mood will greatly affect my sleep. I wake up…

A stick figure with his eyes full of anger.

STEP 1#Back story

This comic shows that I am always full of anger and this anger many times causes me a lot of trouble. So I would like to manage my…

A girl thinking how she would look without acne beside her medications that she does not want to take anymore. The girl starts to workout and gets her clear skin.

My Back Story

This is a story of the time I had really bad acne all over my face. I used to be in pain all the time. I never wanted…

A stick figure feeling tired and stressed because of number of influencing factors such as meeting deadlines, mood swings, work pressure, and pandemic effect.

Step#1 :- My Back Story

During the pandemic, I became stressed which had an impact both on my physical and mental wellbeing. As I have to remain at home all the time, balancing…

A person's head with frustrated facial expressions due to burnouts and thought bubbles surrounding the head with stressful thoughts.

Step #1 – Back story

I have noticed that I often prioritize other tasks over my physical and mental health, which, makes me feel burned out and dissatisfied with my efforts of healthy…

stick figure trapped in a house

Step #1- Back Story

Ever since the start of covid, I have been staying at home most of the time which has negatively impacted my health both physically and mentally. I chose…

A man is running away from a storm cloud of negative thoughts

STEP #1 – Back Story

I sometimes get caught by looping negative thoughts. My plan is to try and clear my mind by de-stressing on a daily basis. Who knows, I may be…

A person doing meditation to get peace and balance of mind and to feel calm and happy.

STEP #1 – Back Story

In this picture i was surrounded by lot of stress due to work related issues and study problems ,family issues and many more than i started finding the…

A person in an entrancement looking at their phone and losing track of time, days, and reality

Step #1 – Back story

Often times, especially with covid and the pandemic, I find myself scrolling through my phone or on my laptop for an unnecessary amount of time. In this image…

A student, who walks like a zombie, wishing for a bed while at school.

Step #1 – Back Story

When I was in school, I always struggled to find a time for sleep. There were a lot of homework and classes every day, especially in high school….