Step #1 – Back story

I have anxiety disorder, and online learning can sometimes accentuate my symptoms. Recently, I have been feeling especially overwhelmed and struggling more than usual to control my worried thoughts. Additionally, since I am sitting at my computer for most of the day, my muscles have become very sore which adds to the anxious feelings. I chose yoga for my wellness practice because it will help me relax my thoughts while also caring for my sore muscles in the process.

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Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: Stick figure girl is sitting in front of her laptop at her desk. She has an anxious facial expression and there are thought bubbles around her head expressing anxious thoughts.

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  1. I hope this wellness practice will help you in managing your anxiety. Excited to see your results! :>


    Studying all day can be mentally and physically tiring. I look forward to see what difference doing yoga can make!

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