In this stick figure scene, I’m laying in bed overthinking and stressing about the negative aspects of my day. I’ve always had a tendency of focusing on the bad things of my day rather than the positive things I’ve accomplished and am happy for. The wellness practice I’ve decided to challenge for this project is to recall 5-10 positive events of my day and measuring my happiness.

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Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: Stick figure laying in bed upset with a thought bubble that says \

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  1. I agree, this happens with everyone I guess that’s really nice idea.

  2. Zixu Wang

    Me too, my embarrassing things are like inscriptions in my mind, but I can not remember whether or not I have locked my door 5 seconds ago.

  3. Anna Bains

    Recalling the events of the day is normal as humans we tend to focus on the negatives. Positive affirmations are a wonderful way to change our mindset.

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